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Online Boggle for Kids

NB This was our first go at making an online boggle game and it is a little ‘buggy’.
Feel free to see if this version works for you & then check out one of our newer versions

Electronic Boggle for Kids Word Puzzle 

How Many Words Can You Find in this combined Scrabble & Boggle?
By combining the gameplay of the traditional board games of Boggle and Scrabble we have created a brand new game that the followers of my website have decided to call Scroggle.
online boggle for kids game

Online Boggle for Kids Game

Boggle Game in a Nutshell:

 You press the roll button, the letters all move around, students find as many words as possible, students add the scores of their words together to find a winner.  

Aim of the Word Game:

 to have a little fun while practicing word building
– to practice problem-solving skills. 

What You Need:

– 1 Electronic Scroggle Program 
– a scrap paper for each player
– writing implements
– a timer of some kind
online boggle for kids game

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Possible Preparation:

– Project the game board onto your whiteboard.
– Set up the game on a laptop or PC for small group work.

How to Play This Boggle for Kids Word Game:

1. Students sit with a pencil and paper facing the puzzle in pairs.
2. Leader presses the Start button on the puzzle generator and starts a timer. 
3. Students join the letters horizontally, vertically and diagonally to form words. 
N.B They can join the corners of touching letters to form words.
4. After 3 minutes (vary the length of the game based on your students’ needs ) students compare words and eliminate spelling mistakes etc.
5. Students tally the points for each word and decide on a winner.  

Before the Game:

– Discuss strategies used by yourself and the students for finding words e.g. I tend to have a  general glance at the board to see what just pops up then start at the top of the board looking for consonants followed by vowels to see what I can join together and then work my way to the bottom of the board. I then look for words that start with vowel sounds. What works for you?
– Do a web search for ‘Boggle tips and tricks’ and see what pointers you can get.
online word game

Online Word Game

Click the Rocket to Launch Boggle Game

Sometimes (for some unknown techo reason) you will have to press Ctrl+F5 to get it working.

classroom boggleN.B  This game works great on PC in all browsers but will not load on Ipad or in Safari or Chrome on a Mac #sorry
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